Ergonomics with a Kneeling Chair

man with great postureA kneeling stool is the best personification of ergonomics – the science of creating a working environment that is centered about the dynamics of human body movements.

The most basic kneeling stool has two main parts- a knee platform and a seat. The two are held by a frame that could be constructed from either wood or metal. If you are in the market for this product, you need to scour some online reviews and check how your kneeling stool scores on the fronts listed below:

· Adjustable height/knee platform – This is a central tenet. Although it is highly unlikely that you will get a stool that has a fixed height you cannot entirely rule out the possibility that such products do exist. A frame that allows for adjustability is important for it ensures that persons of different heights can use the product plus it also ensures that you can vary the posture of the user;

· Fabric- The choice of fabric that sheaths your stool is important. Ideally cloth is the best fabric for the simple reason that it is easy on your knees(if they are exposed), however tastes vary and you are free to elect upon the choice of fabric that captures your fancy;

· Sturdiness- You will need to check on the quality of construction that has gone into assembling the product. The best way to gauge matters quality is via checking out reviews of the product in online reviews. Ensure that you weight can be supported by the stool that you have your eye on and ensure that matters joints and bolts are not a problem with the stool that you have your eye on;

· User friendliness- Matters user friendliness crop up when dealing with two issues: the adjustment method applied and the angle of inclination of the back seat. Preferably get a pneumatic height control mechanism that spares you the need to stand up and change the height. As for matters back seat inclination ensure that you choice addresses your posture needs.

If you are in the market for a kneeling stool address the above issues.