4 Surprising Benefits of Yoga

Staying healthy with Yoga has become a lifestyle for many nowadays. And, improvement in posture, flexibility, strength and other such benefits are the reasons behind it. But, are you familiar with the fact that Yoga can offer much more than these? Further researches have revealed that there is even more health promoting benefits of Yoga, and four of them are mentioned here for you:

Boost your emotional healthYoga 11

Recently it was discovered that practicing Yoga in a group setting will encourage the production of oxytocin and also increase the serotonin level. In simple words, Oxytocin is the bonding and love hormone, and serotonin is the happiness hormone. So, it is safe to say that yoga will benefit those who are suffering from schizophrenia, depression and other such psychiatric conditions. Besides this, women suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) can also benefit from Yoga because of the same reason.

Boost your memory

You can improve the cognitive function if you can be a clear mind. Only a clear and calm mind can use the mental facilities better. With regular practicing of Yoga, you can reduce you mental as well as physical stress and tension. This will allow you to have a clear mind and to organize your thoughts effectively. So, because of Yoga you can recall easier and thus will be able to boost your memory.

Natural cure for insomnia

Yoga 09Nowadays many doctors are recommending Yoga for those suffering from abnormal sleeping patterns and insomnia. This is because; there are many postures or asanas of Yoga that are relaxing and can help with circulation. So, these types of Yoga postures calms the body as well as the mind that aids in getting a good night’s rest.

Natural cure for hangover

There are many Yoga postures known for improving one’s metabolism and helps to detox the body. So for this reason, many health enthusiasts are choosing Yoga to lose weight and detox their entire system. But, these postures are helpful in getting rid of a hangover too. The detoxing process, as well as the reversing your blood flow to bring more blood in your brain actually, is known for getting rid of a hangover faster than most over-the-counter medicines.

So there you have it, four unexpected health benefits of Yoga that can help a person of any age and gender. Staying healthy with Yoga has now become much easier because of all the information available online and the growing number of Yoga classes/centers. So, take the proper help and start living a better and healthy life from today.

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