A Look At The Different Types Of Dental Surgery

Dental surgery refers to any type of medical procedure that is done to artificially modify a person’s dentition. The procedure usually involves surgery of the jawbones and teeth and range from complex techniques such as implants to simple ones such as tooth extraction.

The surgery is done primarily to relieve pain or improve the appearance and functioning of a person’s teeth. In most cases, oral surgeons are the ones responsible for performing the surgery. The procedure can be done in a hospital setting or at the surgeon’s office. Most cases involve the use of sedation where local anesthesia is used depending on the type of procedure.

Common dental surgeries that are practiced around the world

Dental implants

This is a type of surgery that is done with the aim of replacing missing or damaged teeth. The tbcnxbcnxbcnxbceeth are replaced with an artificial type of teeth that usually resemble and function like the natural ones.

How the surgery is performed is influenced by the jawbone condition as well as the exact type of dental implants you need. Dental implant surgery is complicated and involves different procedures and stages that may end up taking months to be completed.

Cosmetic dental surgery

This is one of the dental surgeries that are done specifically to enhance the smile and appearance of a person. The surgery involves important procedures such as veneers and dental implants.

Other dentists may also use this procedure as a way of tooth filing or to place a colored dental crown. In addition to this, repairing a gummy smile through the process of crown lengthening repair is also considered as cosmetic surgery for the teeth.

Surgery thjfkjjgkjdkjgdjgat involves the removal of impacted teeth

There are times when a person’s teeth can grow in sideways. This makes a part of the teeth emerge away from the gum, or they can be trapped under the gum line.

It is a situation that not only affects one’s smile, but also causes pain and other dental related problems. This is called an impacted tooth, and dental surgery is the only way forward to correct the problem. In most cases, it is the wisdom teeth that become impacted.

Corrective jaw surgery

This is a type of dental surgery that is performed to improve the fit of dentures, treat particular disorders and correct problems that relate to the jaws. It is one of the common dental oral surgery procedures that are practiced today.

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