Facts To Know About Urine Drug Tests

Urine drug testing happens to be the most common drug test used. This is perhaps because it is a cheap way of determining drug use, while still being as effective as any other method. It can detect quite many drugs including marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, and other conventional drugs. Knowing a couple of facts about urine tests can help you prepare, take, and pass your urine test expected. Some of the most important points are highlighted below.

Drugs Urinalysis Facts

Urine test can detect only recent use of drugsaewzsdfszedfaef

Drugs taken within the past few days will give a positive result for the urine drug test. After a certain durationĀ of time has elapsed, the drugs will have cleared from your system and urine tests will not detect any drug usage. The amount of time taken for the drugs to clear from your system depends on the type of drug used. Marijuana, the most commonly used drug, will take approximately a week to clear. Cocaine, heroin, and other hard drugs usually take about two days to clear. The frequency of drug use will also affect the time needed clear.

You can pass a urine drug test even when you recently used some drug

Passing a urine drug test is possible in many ways. One of the most popular ways is by use of synthetic urine. As such, does synthetic urine really work? Well, you can purchase synthetic urine and give it as the sample instead of your real urine. Good synthetic urine will have all the right properties and characteristics, similar to those of real urine except drug traces. Differentiating it from real urine is almost impossible meaning that it guarantees passing the urine drug test.

Urine drug tests are usually conclusive and reliable

qesdfqafwdfwadgeThe results obtained from a urine drug test are reliable. A urine test should, however, not be confused with urine screening. Urine testing may give some false positives in certain cases, meaning that it cannot be entirely relied on. Screening should be carried out first, and if it indicates drug presence, a urine drug test or confirmation follows. If there are no indications of drug usage from the urine screening, the confirmation test will not be required.

Urine test cannot measure drug use frequency

It is impossible to gauge the frequency of drug use using urine drug tests. It also cannot tell impairment severity of a user or if the user has a drug use disorder that requires treatment.