Warts Treatment: How to Manage your Outbreaks

Warts are a long-term condition caused by the HPV virus. This virus is resistant to many treatments and tends to recur after infection. Treatment usually depends on whether you have a primary or recurrent infection. The treatment is aimed at controlling the symptoms and reducing outbreaks.

Understanding the Infection

Primary Infectionsacfvwsbawg

Seek medical attention the moment you notice any symptoms. Your doctor will prescribe antivirals to prevent the virus from multiplying. But this does not eliminate the virus. The antivirals should be taken continuously for at least five days. However, you may need to take medication for longer if you get new sores or blisters during treatment.

Recurrent Infections

If your infection recurs, treatment will be determined by the severity of your symptoms. If the symptoms are mild, medication may not be necessary. Clean affected areas using salty or plain water to prevent ulcer and blister infections and to promote healing. You can also put ice on painful sores for relief and faster healing. Antivirals are prescribed for severe symptoms.

Suppressive Treatment

Individuals who get over six outbreaks in a year need antiviral long-term treatment. This can help to suppress the virus and prevent further outbreaks. You may require antivirals for between 6 and 12 months to keep your infection under control. It also lessens the risk of spreading the virus to a sexual partner. But you will still have to use a condom and avoid sexual contact when you have sores or blisters to reduce the risk further.

Alternative Therapies

azngsbhndcThese treatments identify outbreak triggers in an individual and find ways to avoid them. Some of the factors that can make you prone to recurrent infections include prolonged exposure to sunlight, friction on affected areas, stress, poor diet, and illness. You can reduce the outbreaks by managing your stress, eating healthy, exercising, and getting adequate rest.

Warts, like herpes, cannot be cured, but you can be treated to increase the chances of the HPV virus that disappears at its own time. It is important to determine your triggers and work with your doctor to determine the best treatment course to take. The medications identified for treating the condition have been used for years with few side effects. To understand the nature and sensitivity of this infection, read about it here to find out the best way to deal with this long-term infection. Consequently, this will help you enjoy a better quality of life during treatment.