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Top Tips for Buying E-Liquid

You have your vapor pen or rechargeable cigarette, but without an e-liquid, you cannot enjoy vaping. Most vapor kits will offer you everything you want to start vaping. However, there is an accessory you will need to buy yourself: the ejuice. This is the substance that creates vapor when vaping. Unlike traditional cigarettes, when it comes to buying ejuice online you have a lot of options. You need to consider nicotine concentration, flavor, and other factors.


lady enjoying vapingThis is the most important thing to consider when purchasing an e-liquid. Other than menthol and tobacco, you can get other varieties that are fun. There are also unconventional flavors. Some of them include vanilla, coffee, and chocolate to fruits such as watermelon, cherry, mango, and strawberry. You have the freedom to experiment with different flavors to ensure you get the right one.


Nicotine strength is a vital factor to consider in purchasing e-liquid, particularly for those who want to quit smoking to vaping. If you are an avid smoker, then you will want to purchase e-liquids with a high concentration of nicotine. On the other hand, light cigarette smokers enjoy about 12 mg/ml. You can also find e-liquids that do not contain nicotine. This is ideal for people who have stopped smoking.

Throat Hit

This is the feeling of smoke as it hits your throat. You can also get this feeling when vaping. However, this is dependent on the type of e-liquid you want to purchase. You can get an optimal throat hit with 16 mg/ml. Also, some additives in ejuice such as menthol, cinnamon, and grain alcohol can also contribute to throat hit.


vape kitAs vaping continues to become popular, so is the popularity of e-liquid brands. However, not all of them are regulated or safe. Thus, you should do a lot of research before you choose your ejuice. You can ask the manufacturer whether the product was manufactured locally or abroad. In addition, you should check for childproofing on the e-liquid bottles. This is necessary if you have kids. All vaporizers, cigarettes, refill cartridges, and e-liquids ought to be kept out of reach of kids. In this way, you can prevent accidental poisoning.


You should consider the cost of an e-liquid. Usually, buying in higher quantities can save you money. However, this may not offer you an opportunity to try different flavors if you buy in bulk.

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